Every Vote, Every MP, Every Time

Marriage equality has passed the Senate, and now Adam Bandt and his colleagues in the House will oversee the final step before we make this dream a reality.

Posted by Senator Richard Di Natale on Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Australia voted YES!

Across the country 61.6% of voters support marriage equality. Together, our community achieved this incredible result. No matter where you live, you now know that your country has voted for equality.

Now it is Parliament’s turn.

A free vote will be held in Parliament and we Greens are ready to turn this postal vote result into law.

Thank you for everything you have done to make a YES result possible.

As all eyes turn to Canberra, the Greens will be there every step of the way to make sure we have marriage equality in this country before the end of the year.

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We are so close, but it is not over yet.

Now is the time for parliament to do its job.

Here’s how it’s going to happen.


Marriage Equality

It is so incredibly exciting to be debating this Marriage Equality Bill, knowing how close we are to achieving equality. I can't help but think of Bob Brown and the many years he spent in this chamber championing LGBTIQ+ rights, as a lone voice.

Posted by Senator Rachel Siewert on Wednesday, 15 November 2017
Marriage bill speech

For so long, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people have only been able to dream of marriage, to dream of equality. I’m honoured to co-sponsor the cross-party marriage bill that’s now before the parliament.Finally, after so long, dreams are coming true 🌈💚

Posted by Senator Janet Rice on Wednesday, 15 November 2017
Senator Steele-John - Marriage Equality Legislation

It is an honour to be able to speak to this legislation.Every Greens MP, Every Vote, Every Time.We are so close to enshrining marriage equality into law!

Posted by Senator Jordon Steele-John on Thursday, 16 November 2017
Marriage Equality

It's long past time we gave LGBTIQ Australians the right to marry. Let's get it done.

Posted by Senator Nick McKim on Monday, 27 November 2017


Want to see the full results? The results are available on the ABS website.

Need support during this time? QLife provide a safe and inclusive counselling service for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people 365 days a year between 3pm and midnight. Call 1800 184 527 or visit qlife.org.au

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